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Emperor Penguin Essay - J uan Flores Composition I Green...

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Juan Flores Composition I Green Class The Emperor Penguin Most animals breed in summer, but these breed in the negative temperatures. They survive by keeping each other warm in a huddle. They adapted this huddling and they actually take turns to replace the coldest emperor penguins on the edges of the hurdle. Thought the rigorous conditions that they face, emperor penguins raise a chick every year. How the Ice breaks play a huge role on the survivability rate of the baby emperor penguin (chicks). The reason the ice breaking is important is because if the ice edge is close to the breading ground the parents will be able to provide more food thus increasing the chick’s chances of survival. Emperor penguins may look just like another penguin, but rest assures that they are all unique in their own way. As unusual as it might seem, emperor penguins lay only one egg and they succeed in doing so every year. Emperor penguins “begin their breeding cycle when other Antarctic penguins have just finished theirs” (Ward, par.14). Different types of penguins head towards the North, while the emperor penguin does the march of the penguins, single filed towards the coldest climates in the South. The average temperature is -4 degrees Fahrenheit to about -22 degrees Fahrenheit. The
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Emperor Penguin Essay - J uan Flores Composition I Green...

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