EGR 103 ch 9 - gimmicks in the presentation such as odd...

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Matt Richards Chapter 9 Summary 1. The purpose of the final report is to convey to the client the design problem, alternatives considered, the bases of decisions and what decisions were made 2. An outline is important when developing a final report 3. The paragraphs within the final report require topic sentences that introduce the topic within the paragraph 4. Presentations are visual, but avoid using to many slides and graphics. 5. Know the audience that you are presenting to. At the conclusion of the table project, there will be a requirement to give a final report to the client. There are many helpful topics covered in this chapter that can be applied to this report. One of the big ones is the oral report, for this I will ensure that there are no unnecessary
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Unformatted text preview: gimmicks in the presentation such as odd transitions and noises. Also the oral report will focus on what the problems were and how we addressed those problems, rather than give a full on history on what we did. This chapter will also help in the written report, once again it will only address key issues and not be a full out history of useful facts, such as us meeting on a Sunday. Also we will utilize topic sentences and technical terms to maintain professionalism throughout the report. Finally, this final report should have all the supporting documents and details required so that anyone can follow the report....
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EGR 103 ch 9 - gimmicks in the presentation such as odd...

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