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Unformatted text preview: Req. 1 To me it seems as though this would be a classified balance sheet in report form becaus and assets in comparison over two years, and the assets are listed at top with liabilities below i Req. 2 The largest current asset as of the end of 2005 would be cash and cash equivalents in th million. The largest current liability as of the same time would be the accumulated deficit of $(2 Req. 3 To me it seems as though they are holding steady; by a slight margin there was a decrease in 2005. Current Ratio = Total Current Assets Total current liabilities Req. 4 Furniture, fixtures, and equipment fall under fixed assets. Req. 5 Cost of company's fixed assets: $571 mil.(gross); Accumulated depreciation: $223 mil.; B assets: $348 mil. sheet in report form because it is listing liabilities at top with liabilities below instead of to the right. sh and cash equivalents in the amount of $1,013 he accumulated deficit of $(2,027) million. ht margin there was December 31, 2005 December 31, 2004 t Assets liabilities $2,929 $1,929 1.52 $2,539 $1,620 1.57 ted depreciation: $223 mil.; Book value of fixed ...
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