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https :// docs . google . com / document / d /1 D -96 sbUiil _1 xdZ 9 Btq 4 ocslhgtsGChlV 9 j 5 XX _4 C - U / edit ? hl = en authkey = COvtsLMO Google Docs is a useful collaborative tool for many reasons. A lot of schools these days are on- line. Google Docs helps with this by letting you be more interactive with your classmates and utilizing their ideas and input on papers or with group projects. My step-son, who is in 6 th grade, actually has a group project that he’s working on with 5 other students. I told them about this one evening when they
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Unformatted text preview: were at the house working on it, and now they only get together at school to work on it and transfer their portion of the projects back and forth between each other via Google Docs. This is a nice benefit for both myself and his dad so we dont have a house full of 6 th graders in the evening when were trying to get everything ready for the next day for him and the kids along with making dinner, lunches, and what not....
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