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Wk1 D1 - States for the same reason Kurzweil didn’t do...

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It is hard for me to actually agree with Kurzweil on any subject. After listening to his podcast multiple times, and going as far as reading the transcript of it, I find many things that irritate me and make my mind shut him out. One of the major irritations about it is how he bounces around. That makes it hard for me to follow. The prediction I disagree with the most I would have to say is his prediction of computers being non-existant in 2010. The video we watched was made in 2005, and if he is so good with predicting what is going to happen with exponential growth, you think he would have been able to predict this a little better. Also, as great as it would be to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes, there is no way the FDA will approve it because it would take too much money away from them. There are cures in other countries for all types of cancers and diseases that have been found, but they are never allowed in the United
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Unformatted text preview: States for the same reason. Kurzweil didn’t do the best job of explaining the coming of singularity for me to understand it all too well, or the Singularity University for that fact, therefore I did some of my own research on the Singularity University to get a better understanding. SU has three different “degree” levels which include graduate, executive, and international. The longest courses is 10 weeks and costs $25,000. The classes are held on NASA’s property, and I feel that this is just for crediblity. The cirriculum isn’t discussed, and they want a certain type of person to attend, yet have a non-discrimination disclaimer. I think it’s a big joke and would discourage anyone from enrolling (Singularity University, 2010) . References Singularity University (2010), Singularity University home page, retrieved from http://singularityu.org/...
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