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For my final paper, I am choosing to write about the Social Web. This is a very popular tool for many people these days. My 9 year old daughter asked me over the holidays if she could get a Facebook. Her arguing statement was “Well Jeremy has one!” Jeremy (who is her step- brother) is also 3 years older than her and a boy. While we came up with a good solution for her request, it still bothered me that kids her age are on Facebook. Some resources I am going to use are Proquest, Google Scholar, and other helpful ones I find
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Unformatted text preview: along the way. I am going to be sending a message out to my 300+ Facebook friends and will be asking them their opinions about a few things as well. I will utilize Diigo to help keep my notes and websites organized and handy at the same time. I plan on doing this very structured and in line with the APA guidelines. To ensure I am following those guidelines, I will keep the handbook next to me and double check it if I am even guessing that it may not be right....
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