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In the next one to three years, I will be using a few of the more prominent computing devices. I already have the Droid X, and we are evaluating the new Windows phone and the new iPhone to see if and which one will better fit my needs and their uses. We are also evaluating the iPad and it’s uses compared to our laptops. We got away from using mobile broadband and just have our wireless at the house now. We are on the go frequently, so these devices that we are evaluating and their connectivity will be the more prominent features we are looking at. These devices would not only make my computing needs for school and my future work easy, but will also help out with our kids and their homework needs.
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Unformatted text preview: It seems as though they always forget about something that they need to turn in at the last minute, and at the most inconvenient times. Built-in Wi-Fi is a major factor in our decision about our future purchases as well as being user friendly. The internet and office tools are important applications, as well as video recording and editing apps within the device. The youngest of the three kids is a cheerleader and the oldest is a musician. To better both of their skills, we record them so they can see and hear what they can improve on. The kids also have to turn in self videos for school. All of these devices can benefit us, and the major risk Im worried about is viruses and computer hackers....
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