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Once you have clicked “post” or “submit,” you have basically put whatever it is you wrote on the internet for eternity. McNealy was absolutely accurate when he said “You have no privacy anyway. Get over it.” Just as everyone has their carbon footprint in this world, so does our words, thoughts, ideas, pictures, etc. The internet is so accessible for everyone these days, and is more widely used to stay in touch with family and friends, even just across town, that the typical person uses it to keep loved ones in the know about what’s going on. By doing this, you leave yourself open to being a victim of privacy invasion. Sure, Starbuck’s or the local library is nice to sit at and work on your computer over their Wi-Fi signal, and there are signals everywhere that you can pick up almost anywhere you go. Most of those networks are unsecured and by using these you leave yourself vulnerable. I hear stories all the time on Facebook of someone hacking into their account, then about how violated they feel. Well, let’s think
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