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Wk4 D1 - The social web is the new hot thing for everyone...

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The social web is the new hot thing for everyone in all age groups. All in all, it’s not all that new. The social craze started years ago, and MySpace pretty much made the social web more known than the others that paved the way, then Facebook overtook the entire social network scene. With us living in the computer era, everything is at our fingertips. Social networks are advertised on cell phone commercials as their main features at times with their accessibility to connect wherever one goes. Social networks are everywhere we go and are involved with all we do. Every show we watch has a fan page through one network or another. The majority of people we associate with are tied to one network or another, even dating sites. Most of these sites have age requirements, but some of the users have found a way around that. Kids are using Facebook instead of age-appropriate networks designed just for kids. In fact, my 9 year old begged me for a Facebook account, which I thought was not age appropriate for her.
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