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CASE: BIOCON I BACKGROUND (1 MARK) Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, the founder chairman and managing director of Biocon Ltd., has set a vision of securing a place among the top-10 global biotech firms by 2015. Senior management must, however, ensure that the pursuit of a stretch target would not jeopardize the financials. Their actions should not compromise Biocon’s conservative core. The company has had a good track record in balance sheet management. De-risking has been a central element of its business strategy from the beginning. Now, as it moves forward to secure a six-fold increase in sales turnover in a decade, Biocon must learn to manage risks. It must also continue to minimize risks. That is the challenge. Mazumdar-Shaw also needs to bring the members of the board around, since their consensus is crucial. Set in November 2005, the case proceeds to identify the company’s unique value propositions in the biotech industry, both globally and within India. Tracing the evolution of Mazumdar-Shaw as an entrepreneur and Biocon as an industry pioneer, the case outlines the core elements of the company’s strategy. The picture that emerges is a company, already on a growth trajectory, trying to become a global powerhouse. The case concludes with the choices before Mazumdar-Shaw in developing an action plan. II Business Problem/Opportunity (3 MARKS) In the context of Biocon’s plan for rapid growth, two main factors are at play: 1. The India factor India’s dense and diverse population allows for speed of patient enrolment and superior statistical data. It positions India as a rapidly emerging hub for clinical development with potentially shorter commercialization timelines. The country’s pool of scientists, engineers and medical professionals offers biotech firms not only a low-cost base but a competitive edge in global research, clinical development and manufacturing.
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