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Unformatted text preview: Propaganda Techniques Techniques used to influence opinions, emotions, attitudes or behavior. emotions, The purpose is to benefit the sponsor. It appeals to the emotions not the intellect. It is not negative or positive. The purpose is to persuade. Characteristics of Propaganda In advertising the purpose is to claim “superiority” in order to sell product. Weasel Words ­ modifiers that look substantial but are meaningless. Weasel Words: tackles, comforts, refreshes, fights, helps, virtually… Makes audience believe in something or want to do something. Recognizing Propaganda Techniques Bandwagon Testimonial Snob Appeal Plain Folks Patriotism Evidence Claims Glittering Generalization More Propaganda… Transfer Slogan Wit and Humor Rewards Name­Calling Big Lie Scapegoat Bandwagon Bandwagon persuasive technique that invites you to join the crowd. crowd. Everybody’s doing it! Often uses weasel words Testimonial Testimonial Statement endorsing an idea/product by a prominent Statement person. person. Product can be inside or outside particular field. Musical artists, Sports giants, Actors/actresses Snob Appeal Snob Aims to flatter Makes assumption/ insinuation that this product/idea is Makes better than others… better Thus, those that use it are too. “Avant Garde” ahead of the times. The Ultimate driving machine Plain Folks Plain Opposite of Snob Appeal Identifies product/idea with a locality or country Practical product for ordinary people. Like a good neighbor… Patriotism Patriotism Purchase will display love of country. Person will financially help the country. …built American tough Evidence Claims Evidence Facts and Figures – Facts statistics to prove superiority. statistics Magic Ingredients – Magic suggests some miraculous discovery makes product exceptionally effective. exceptionally Hidden Fears – Hidden suggests that user is safe from some danger. some Glittering Generalization Glittering Weasel words used. Statement jumps from Statement a few cases to all. few “Glittering” because Glittering” it’s falsely attractive it’s Often used by Often politicians politicians Positive feelings/desires are connected to a product/user Transfers positive feelings we have of something we know to Transfers something we don’t. something Transfer Transfer Sex Appeal Love/ Popularity Fame Wealth Power Slogan Slogan A catchword or phrase loaded with emotion Often sells through repetition Clever and easy to remember Stays with you a long time Often a melody you already know “Trust S e le py’s For the‘rest’ Of your life ” Engaging Techniques: Engaging Wit and Humor – Wit diverts audience and gives a reason to laugh often through the use of clever visuals and/or language. language. Rewards – bonus Rewards awarded to consumer for purchase. (Toys, gimmicks, rebates, free payment, etc.) rebates, Name - Calling Name A way of smearing an way opponent opponent Intent is to damage Intent opponent opponent It also arouses suspicion It of opponent of Intention is to create an Intention uneasy feeling uneasy Used by politicians and Used product companies product Big Lie Big An outrageous falsehood Captures attention because it’s so outrageous Somehow staggers audience into believing it Scapegoat Scapegoat A person carrying the blame for others Retreats to prejudice rather than reason Mostly used in the political arena Wins audience through association or sympathy Buyer Beware Be a conscientious consumer Know what devices are trying to influence you Then… Make an informed decision Sources wallpaper_sportscars1.php wallpaper_sportscars1.php photos_cash.htm photos_cash.htm amerimark/cate_id/a... amerimark/cate_id/a... Sources continued: ford­ranger01. dental.htm Assignment: Product Name Claim Audience Advertising Campaign 3 Propaganda Techniques 6 slide minimum ...
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