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Week 5 DQ 5 - your example not model a function(0 1(1 1(2...

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Week 5 Discussion Question: Ordered Pairs which are not a Function Post to the Main forum. Post your response to the following: Provide an example of at least five ordered pairs that do not model a function. The domain will be any five integers between 0 and 20. The range will be any five integers between -10 and 10. Your example must not be the same as those of other students or the textbook. Why does
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Unformatted text preview: your example not model a function? (0, 1) (1, 1) (2, 1) (3, 6) (3, 8) These do not model a function since the input has many outputs and does not pass the vertical line test. This pair: (3, 6) (3, 8) Since they have 2 outputs for the same input, this is not considered a function....
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