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Week 8 Concept Check Version 2 - dot at 11 and a line is...

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Post your 50-word response to the following: Describe in your own words what the graph of interval [-3, 11) looks like. Using your own words, explain what the graph of interval [-3, 11) represents. Your response should be at least 50 words in length. This check counts as points toward your grade and as an avenue to meet your weekly attendance requirements. The graph would show a number line where there is a dark closed dot at -3 and an open
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Unformatted text preview: dot at 11, and a line is joined between both points. The reason that is because the brackets represent the greater or equal to or less than and equal to sign and the parentheses show less than or greater than. So, there would be 1 black dot at -3 and an open dot at 11, and a line drew between them showing all the solutions between -3 and 11, including -3. This interval represents the inequality:- ≤ < 3 x 11...
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