Week 9 Capstone DQ 1

Week 9 Capstone DQ 1 - system of equation. I can apply this...

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The content in this course showed me how math is used in everyday life when people post examples in the discussion questions. I can use math to solve daily problems like how much money I am going to spend on something or cooking problems where I need to use proportions. Linear equations help me when I need to calculate my expenses for a long term, and I can also use system of equation when needing to see how many adults come to a theater compared to kids so we can use the info and set up a
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Unformatted text preview: system of equation. I can apply this is my personal life when cooking and need to use proportions to solve for the right amount of some sort of ingredient to be used in a recipe. I used the MyMathLab study guide to do practice problems and help prepare myself for the quizzes and tests, and upcoming final. This guide let me prepare and take on my anxiety of quizzes. Using that guide, it made me more used to the type of questions and everything would be then quite easy....
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