Week 9 Capstone DQ 2

Week 9 Capstone DQ 2 - times as you wish and you have...

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Create a list of three to five important suggestions for students starting a new MAT/116 section on Monday. These suggestions can also be applied in MAT/117. Write your suggestions to help a fellow student succeed in this course using short sentences, and arrange them in decreasing order from greatest to least important. Here are 5 important things to know about MAT 116 and suggestions. 1 is the least important, and 5 is the most important. 1. Get all work done on time: Work that is submitted late is like throwing away small pieces of gold in the trash; it has a lot of value then you think. At the end, you will regret and will wish you had those extra points to bump a C+ to a B-, or B+ to A-, etc. 2. Make sure you spend time doing the quizzes: You can check over the quizzes as many
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Unformatted text preview: times as you wish, and you have almost unlimited time; use it wisely 3. Do 2 participation posts EVERY day: Many people forget to do even 4 days. It would be beneficial to try to do it all days so even if you forget one day, you have done it for 5 days, and you are safe 4. Make sure you look over your previous checkpoints for mistakes: Look over previous homework assignments and see what mistakes you have made and practice those questions for sure so you are prepared for the final exam 5. Most importantly, make sure you use the MyMathLab study tools: You HAVE to use the MyMathLab study tools and the center of mathematics excellence to succeed in this class....
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