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Week 3 DQ 6 - This method is called canceling out a common...

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Why is (5x + 7) (x - 4) / (2x - 3) (x - 4) not in factored form? What is the correct final factored form? What is this factoring method called? + - - - 5x 7x 42x 3x 4 It can be factored by canceling out the x-4 on the top and bottom, so the final form will be (5x+7)/(2x-3).
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Unformatted text preview: This method is called canceling out a common factor which is a binomial in parenthesis on both the top and bottom. Although, you can cancel out a trinomial, polynomial etc. from the top and bottom as long as they are the same and are in parentheses....
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