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Chapter 2 Question and Matching

Chapter 2 Question and Matching - Invoices and Customers...

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Acc-203 Computerized Accounting II Iralsa Henriquez Chapte2 Page 41 Questions 1- The preset ways in which QuickBooks can present a balance sheet are; Standard Balance Sheet report, Comparative Balance Sheet, Summary Balance Sheet and Transactions by Account report. 2- A specific point in time. 3- Click as of and select the day that you want to and then click refresh. 4- Click Report Center from the navigator bar. Click Company and Financial on the left of it click Balance Sheet Standard. 5- To change the column widths on any QuickBooks report, click and hold the mouse over the small diamond-shaped symbols to the right or left of any column. Drag to the right or left to increase or decrease each column’s width.
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Unformatted text preview: Invoices and Customers payment. 7-QuickZoom shows you what transaction or transactions underlie any amount found in a report. 8-Manager must often explain report balances quickly, thus, knowledge of the underlying detailed transactions is essential. 9-In the Modify report you could customize a QuickBooks report by; click in display and change the from date, add or take out % column, on fonts & numbers you could click to add or take out report title, date, report subtitle, select with or without cents and divided by 1000. 10- Click modify report, click display tab and check box % column and then click ok. Chapter 2 Matching Pag. 41-42 1-F 2-I 3-J 4-A 5-G 6-H 7-B 8-D 9-E 10- C...
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