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Baron Coburg 1 Long ago in a land far away there lived a feudal landlord by the name Baron Coburg. The Baron was responsible for the well being of the many peasants who lived upon the land. Each spring the Baron had to decide who would do the farming to provide food to feed his many subjects. The Baron knew that it would take 30 acres, each worth 5 bushels of wheat if he were to sell the land, in order to produce enough wheat for the coming year. 2 The Baron was not quite sure who should do the farming, but decided his best option would be to select Ivan and Peter. Wherefore the Baron summoned the two to his quarters. “Ivan, you will farm on the 20-acre plot of ground and Peter will farm the 10-acre plot,” the Baron began. “I will give Ivan 20 bushels of wheat for seed and 20 pounds of fertilizer. 3 Peter will get 10 bushels of wheat for seed and 10 pounds of fertilizer. I will give each of you an ox to pull a plow, but you will have to make arrangements with Robert the Plowmaker for a plow. 4
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