history 2112 outline 2

history 2112 outline 2 - The Legacy of Conquest Settling...

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The Legacy of Conquest – “Settling” the “Wild West” I. Neil Young, AIM, and New Attitudes about American Indians - Cortez led a band of men to overthrow the Aztec empire - Wounded knee, SD was taken over by AIM (Native American group) who were angry with American government and took over Alcatraz for 18 months - Took 71 days to end siege - AIM got some sympathy from Americans - Earlier Americans either wanted to civilize Native Americans or kill them all, most thought their days were over II. Heading West – why? 1. Cheap Land - Homestead Act of 1862 - people wanted land because land defined the person - they want to have land to farm so people picked up and relocated west - encouraged by the government who created the Homestead Act of 1862 which took a map of the state(s) and divided it up into grids, into (160acre) quarter sections which the government would give away - if they are not getting land from the government then they are getting it from the railroad companies - the government gave the railroad companies land to extend the tracks
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- railways would advertise in Europe - therefore the west is the most culturally diverse area - 1890 North Dakota was the most diverse
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history 2112 outline 2 - The Legacy of Conquest Settling...

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