History 2112 readings

History 2112 readings - History 2112 1 African Americans...

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Unformatted text preview: History 2112 1. African Americans during Reconstruction Felix Haywood- Backs are too soft and freedom wasn’t going to be much to their good even if they were educated. Warren McKinney- No land to get, no money, no food, blacks were dying left and right. Lee Guidon- After the slaves were freed they would rename themselves, give themselves famous names like Abraham or Lincoln (“Lincum”). KKK run blacks out of town if they started to succeed Toby Jones- Some blacks forced to stay and work for their “masters” but once escaped they had nothing and lived like savages hunting wild game with homemade arrows and animal skin clothing Questions to Consider 1. Judging from these accounts, what were the major problems that former slaves faced after the war? Answered above. 2. What did there former slaves expect from freedom? They expected to be treated as equals and given a chance to make something of themselves. They were hoping for land or even a place to stay to start off but were instead given nothing and treated like nothing. 3. Why did some freedmen continue to work for their former masters? Because they were forced to but some did try to escape afterward. Some blacks also were asked back by their former masters who realized they couldn’t farm without them. White Southerners’ Reactions to Reconstruction Caleb G. Forshey- Opposed to abolishing slavery: believes the Freedmen’s Bureau creates more havoc then good, believes that every time they get involved in “helping” the black it seems to result in violence and chaos. He also believes that blacks don’t have enough of a mind, even if educated, to want to have a say in politics. Also that they all come crawling back to their masters eventually because they can get along on their own. Supposedly most of Texas agrees with this man. The Reverend James Sinclair - For abolishing slavery: believes that the Freedmen’s Bureau is the only was blacks can have right since the government isn’t helping at all, North Carolina is still having trouble excepting free blacks, continues to beat them into submission, he feels bad for them. Questions to Consider 1. What did Forshey think of Union efforts to protect former slaves through military occupation and the Freedmen’s Bureau? Answered above. 2. What were Forshey’s beliefs about blacks? Answered above. 3. What was the plight of former slaves and white Unionists according to the Reverend? Answered above. The Murder if Jim Williams Testimony of Mrs. Rosy Williams- Klan planted guns under black family’s house in order to go in and accuse the man of the house of holding weaponry and therefore hung him. Testimony of John Caldwell- A minor Klan member told similar fact to Rosy’s and he felt bad about it....
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History 2112 readings - History 2112 1 African Americans...

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