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1 PSY207 B Spring 2011 Psychological Statistics XII. Estimation 12.1 Overview Estimation • We have previously discussed testing hypotheses about a population mean • We may also be interested in estimating a population mean • To determine the size of an effect • How much will treatment affect the mean • To determine information about a population • We can use sample characteristics and test statistics (e.g., z and t ) to estimate population means ☻☻ ☻☻ Hypothesis testing Estimating population means Is there a effect? How much of the effect? XII. Estimation 12.1 Introduction 12.2 Two Types of Estimates Two types of Estimates • Point estimates • Use a single number to predict an unknown value • Interval estimates • Use a range of values to predict an unknown quality • Confidence Intervals: the specific level of confidence/probability the interval estimate comes with • Based on z or t
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2 μ true Point estimate? Interval estimate with 95% confidence? μ true Unknown Population Mean Attempting to Estimate Unknown Population Mean Attempting to Estimate Known Sample Mean Known Sample Mean z (Number of Standard Error Units) z (Number of Standard Error Units) Standard Error Units Standard Error Units M M Z test
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12_Lecture12_Estimation_0404_Spring11 - XII. Estimation...

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