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Name: ________________________ February 4, 2011 ID: ___________________ 1 ReviewQuiz_Chapter1~4 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. A recent study reports that infant rats fed a special protein-enriched diet reached an adult weight 10% greater than litter-mates raised on a regular diet. For this study, what is the independent variable? a. the adult weight of the rats b. the rats given the regular diet c. the type of diet given to the rats d. the rats given the protein-enriched diet ____ 2. A researcher is curious about the average IQ of registered voters in the state of Florida. If this average could be obtained, it would be an example of a _____. a. statistic b. parameter c. sample d. population ____ 3. Which types of graphs are used for data from an interval scale? a. histograms, bar graphs, and polygons b. histograms and bar graphs c. polygons and bar graphs d. histograms and polygons ____ 4. What is the shape of the distribution for the following set of data?
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ReviewQuiz_Chapter1~4_0204_Spring11 - Name: _ ID: _...

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