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Problem Set 2_spring11(1)

Problem Set 2_spring11(1) - 4 For a normal distribution...

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Problem Set 2: Chapters 5-8 PSY207 B : Spring 2011 Due at the beginning of class on Monday, 3/7 – NO EXCEPTIONS. You must hand in your work on this form. Each question is worth ½ point. Name: _________________________________ Person number: _________________________________ Note: It is possible that you may not be able to compute some answers because of insufficient information. If so, simply indicate “insufficient information” in the space provided for the answer. 1. For a population with μ = 1000 and ơ = 50, what is the z-score corresponding to X = 810? __________________ what is the X value corresponding to z = 0.50? __________________ 2. A population of scores has μ = 500. In this population, an X value of 440 corresponds to z = - 2.50. What is the population standard deviation? __________________ 3. A population has a standard deviation of ơ = 140. In this distribution, a score that is 120 points below the mean would correspond to a z-score of __________________
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Unformatted text preview: 4. For a normal distribution, what z-score value separates the lowest 25% of the distribution from the highest 75%? __________________ 1 5. What proportion of a normal distribution falls between z = -.75 and z = +.75? __________________ 6. A random sample of n = 64 scores is obtained from a normal population with μ = 100 and ơ = 16. What is the probability of obtaining a mean less than M = 95 for this sample? __________________ 7. A treatment is administered to a sample selected from a population with a mean of μ = 1500 and a standard deviation of ơ = 12. After treatment, the sample mean is M = 1450. Based on this information, the effect size as measured by Cohen's d is __________. 8. A population is known to have a mean of μ = -1.00. If a researcher predicts that the experimental treatment will produce an increase in the population mean, then the null and alternative hypotheses for a one-tailed test would state __________. 2...
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Problem Set 2_spring11(1) - 4 For a normal distribution...

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