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Assignment 1 - TAB L E 50 Number of Ads New Customers...

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Unformatted text preview: TAB L E 50 Number of Ads New Customers Newspaper 1–10 900 11–20 600 21–30 300 Television 1–5 10,000 6–10 5,000 11–15 2,000 MIE376S – Mathematical Programming - Assignment 1 Due: Jan 13, 2011 at the Beginning of Tutorial (2:10pm) For any questions regarding the assignment, email Nick at [email protected] Formulation Only (No need to Solve) Chapter 3 Review Questions: 10 Carco has a $150,000 advertising budget. To increase automobile sales, the firm is considering advertising in newspapers and on television. The more Carco uses a particular medium, the less effective is each additional ad. Table 50 shows the number of new customers reached by each ad. Each newspaper ad costs $1,000, and each television ad costs $10,000. At most, 30 newspaper ads and 15 television ads can be placed. How can Carco maximize the number of new customers created by advertising? 13 Feedco produces two types of cattle feed, both consisting totally of wheat and alfalfa. Feed 1 must contain at least 80% wheat, and feed 2 must contain at least 60% alfalfa. Feed 1 sells for $1.50/lb, and feed 2 sells for $1.30/lb. Feedco can purchase up to and feed 2 must contain at least 60% alfalfa....
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