Assignment 7 - Length(m Required 3 23 5 34 7 20 13 29 23 35...

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MIE376S – Mathematical Programming - Assignment 7 Due: Mar 10, 2011 at the Beginning of Tutorial (2:10pm) For any questions regarding the assignment, email Nick at [email protected] Column Generation: Using the Cutting Stock Problem from Lecture/Lab, find the optimal solution to the following Cutting Stock Problem: The material comes in lengths of 100m and we have to cut it down to irregular lengths of:
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Unformatted text preview: Length (m) Required 3 23 5 34 7 20 13 29 23 35 51 40 62 31 i) How many cuts were generated until an optimal solution was found? a. What is the pattern for the few cuts generated? ii) What is the optimal solution? a. How many raw materials do we need to satisfy the demand? b. How are the cuts made?...
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