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Assignment 11 - d 1 step Δ t = 1 month e 12 step binomial...

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MIE376S – Mathematical Programming - Assignment 11 Due: Apr 7, 2011 at the Beginning of Tutorial (2:10pm) For any questions regarding the assignment, email Nick at [email protected] Binomial Options Pricing Model: In MATLAB, write a dynamic program to price an American option using the Binomial Options Pricing Model with: a) Current Stock Price, S 0 = $50 b) Exercise Price, K = $51 c) Volatility, σ = 30% per year
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Unformatted text preview: d) 1 step, Δ t = 1 month e) 12 step binomial lattice, N = 12 f) Expiry, T = 1 year g) Riskless Rate of Return, r = 5% h) Non-Traditional Call Option Payoff = (max(S t-K, 0)) 2 Your inputs to your MATLAB function should be S , K, σ , Δ t, N, T and r. The return outputs of the function should be the price of the call, c, and an indication of when early exercise is optimal....
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