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Courtney Danylo MTKG 314 November 23, 2010 Chapter 14 Case Study Mall of America 1. Mall of America has been a huge success due to the fact of variety. The mall’s size measures to 4.2 million square feet while the offerings range from theme parks to entertainment choices and a incredibly diverse retail mix of shopping stores. 2. A) Retail trends that have occurred since the opening of Mall of America in 1992, are the one stop complex offerings, retail shopping, guest services and convenience all of which the owners should always consider when making plans for the future. B)Consumer trends that have occurred would be the returning of the consumers for the experience of the mall. 3. A) Mall of America should use the following criteria when evulating new faciliites; size, idea, expenses, and usage. B)i-Retail stores would have to give examples of size, the idea of the store and what products they’re going to carry, the estimated amount of thes tores expenses, and the how the store would be used
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Unformatted text preview: such as hours,etc. ii-Entertainment offerings would have to go through the same process as a retail store would go through. Iii- Hotels would have the same criteria although different catergories found within the citeria. When planning size they would have the exact size of each room, bathroom, total floor plan, lobbies, etc. The idea of the hotel would be the same as a retail store or an entertainment offerings, there would need to be an theme for the hotel. The expenses would need to be estimated as well. In addition to the bills, the usage of the hotel would be e xpected to run everyday all week. 4. Specific marketing actions that the Mall of America managers take to ensure its continuing success in attracting people from the metropolitan area and world wide would be the retailing mix, type of merchandise line, it is also a ttype of regional shopping center as well as an off price retail place because of the discount stores....
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