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Axia College Material Appendix C The Four Functions of Management Description of Event Describe a time when you were tasked with management, such as in the workplace, at home, or coordinating a party. A event that I was tasked with was my nephews tenth birthday party. I had to set it up and host the party because my sister was really sick and could not do barely anything. At the time I didn’t have kids so this wasn’t the easiest thing to do especially when I really didn ’t know how to deal with kids at the time. In the table below, categorize your actions during the event under each of the four functions of management. Planning Organizing I had to make sure that there was a agenda set forth so everything would be done in a timely manner. Figure out the guest list. Chose a
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Unformatted text preview: décor , or theme . Choosing the invitations , What supplies would be needed and where to get them. Find activities to keep kids happy and entertained. Ordering the cake, mailing the invitations, picking up decorations and putting them up and or out. Setting up all the activities. Getting and filling the piñata with candy. Leading Controlling Making sure that all tasks are completed on time and all guest s are enjoying themselves and having a good time. Monitoring the performance of the party and making sure everything goes as planned and nothing gets out of hand. Making sure everyone is present at all activities and most of all that the birthday boy was having a good time and so were his friends. BUS 210...
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