Marine Review 7 - Lindsey Aronoff Period 3 Marine...

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Lindsey Aronoff Period 3 Marine Vocabulary 1) Auxospore - A growth stage in the life cycle of a diatom that serves to restore the maximal size of the cell. 2) Binary Fission - A type of asexual reproduction in which one cell splits into two after the original cell has duplicated its genetic material. 3) Budding - A form of asexual reproduction in microbes and multicellular organisms in which unequal division of the adult produces two individuals. 4) Chitin - A polysaccharide found in the cell walls of fungi and in the exoskeletons of many arthropods. 5) Choanoflagellate - A group of microbes, similar to the choanocytes of sponges, that filter suspended particles through a collar of microvilli. 6) Cilia - Hair-like structures found on some cells that function in movement and feeding. 7) Coccoliths - Calcareous plates that cover the surface of phytoplankton called coccolithophores. 8) Conjugation - A kind of sexual reproduction that involves the exchange of nuclei between two fused cells. 9)
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Marine Review 7 - Lindsey Aronoff Period 3 Marine...

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