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Lindsey Aronoff Period 3 Vocabulary on Tides 1) Diurnal Tide - The condition of having only one high tide and one low tide each day. 2) Ebb Tide - A falling tide. 3) Flood Tide - A rising tide. 4) High Water - The greatest height to which a high tide rises. 5) Low Water - The lowest point to which a low tide falls. 6) Mixed Semidiurnal Tide - A tide in which the high tide and low tide are of different levels. 7) Neap Tide - Tide that exhibits the smallest change between the high and low tide marks. Neap tides occur when the sun and the moon are at right angles to each other. 8) Semidiurnal Tide - The condition of having two high tides and two low tides
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Unformatted text preview: each day. 9) Slack Water- The period during a change in tide when tidal currents slow and then reverse. 10) Spring Tide- Tide that exhibits the greatest change between the high and low tide marks. Spring tide occurs when the earth, sun, and moon are in line with each other. 11) Tidal Current- Current that occurs as the result of changing tides. 12) Tide- The changes in sea level that occur as the result of the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on the water in the oceans. 13) Tidal Range- The vertical distance between successive and low tides....
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