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Marine Vocabulary 1) Coriolis Effect - The apparent deflection of the path of winds and ocean currents that results from the rotation of the earth. 2) Doldrums - The area of rising air at the equator. 3) Down-Welling - The vertical movement of water in a downward direction. 4) Eastern Boundary Current - Current that flows along the eastern edge of an ocean basin carrying cold water toward the equator. 5) Ekman Spiral - the spiral flow of water that results from the movement of water at the surface moving deeper layers of water due to friction. 6) Equatorial Upwelling - The upwelling of water along the equator caused by water on either side of the equator being deflected toward the poles by the Coriolis Effect. 7) Gulf Stream - The largest of the eastern-boundary currents that runs along the western edge of the North Atlantic gyre. 8) Gyre - The circular flow pattern of water around the edge of an ocean basin.
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