Individual Assignment Week 3 Paper

Individual Assignment Week 3 Paper - Risk Measurement...

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Risk Measurement Techniques Paper The risk measurement techniques that I will discuss in this paper are Delphi, and Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) of the qualitative measurement, and Value Engineering of the quantitative measurement of a utility company. The deregulation of general electricity amount has headed to a figure of deviations and new meets for the electricity utility industry and the fair suppliers. The urgency to form utility companies in the United States have dwindled nonetheless several energy companies face major debt. Transformers play a big part for utility companies capital spending and it is at its lowest level in decades. Power consumption is increasing about two percent a year and increased equipment utilizations is submitting capital outflows and compact maintenance overheads are encounters for hazard development leaders to measure the risks. Risk valuation of transformers lifespan and the procedures employed to establish the circumstance and resolve on helpful acts has being researched by establishments such as Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Transformer Committee (Bartley, 1997). One way the committee measure the risks is Delphi technique. The Delphi technique is according to online dictionary is “forecasting or decision-making
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Individual Assignment Week 3 Paper - Risk Measurement...

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