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Denielle Barcelona ANTHRO 102A Prof. J. Truncer October 20, 2010 “Assessing the Ancient Mayan Collapse” What really caused the Ancient Mayan collapse has been one of the biggest questions in archaeology. David Webster, an expert archaeologist on the matter, states that his approach in explaining Mayan collapse is comparable to looking at a complex recipe, focusing on each ingredient rather than the dish as a whole because “some explanations were never meant to stand on their own, and others are not mutually exclusive of one another.” 1 These explanations can be attributed to the waste model. This model suggests that populations who “wastes” energy on non- subsistence activities, and/or ineffective subsistence activities, will fare much better than those who do not. Participating in these kinds of activities will lower reproductive potential, which poses two implications: there will be a population decrease, and there will also be ample time and resources to subsistence activities to combat stress when it hits. 2 In this essay, I will justify how the waste model represents reasons such as deforestation and erosion, which led to the Mayan demise. 1 1 Webster, David. The Fall of Ancient Maya. pg. 218 2 Dunnell, Robert C., “The Concept of Waste in an Evolutionary Archaeology.” Journal of Anthropological Archaeology . pg. 245
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The Ancient Maya civilization has been known for their grandeur in terms of cultural elaboration. Even today, we see their magnificent pyramids, temples, and other buildings in various sites. Although the monuments, and the architecture, and the pottery, and what not, have not played a role in aesthetics, these things have also degraded the soil on which the Mayans
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anthro102a - exam 1 - Denielle Barcelona ANTHRO 102A Prof....

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