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Denielle Barcelona ANTHRO 115A November 8, 2010 Annotated Bibliography Barnett, Jon, Suraje Dessai, and Roger N. Jones. "Vulnerability to Climate Variability and Change in East Timor." Ambio 36.5 (2007): 372-78. Melbourne School of Land and Environment . July 2007. Web. 05 Nov. 2010. <http://www.landfood.unimelb.edu.au/rmg/ geography/papers/barnett2.pdf>. This report presents the results of a preliminary study of climate vulnerability in East Timor, showing projections of climate change in East Timor. According to this paper, the country's climate may become warmer, more arid, and very unpredictable, also that sea levels are likely to rise. It also talks about the implications of these changes on East Timor’s water, soils, and coastal zone. Changes in the abundance and distribution of these resources may cause a decrease in agricultural production and food security. Lastly, sea level rise may damage coastal the country’s coastal areas. The authors assert that the Timorese are able to adapt to their ever- changing climate. However, I do not think--if they are adapting--that they are adapting fast enough to offset the risks of climate change. This paper is more scholarly and uses many various sources. I plan to look at the sources they have used and see if I can use them for my paper. I also plan on utilizing some of their ideas to support my own arguments because they do bring some very good points.
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"Energy and Environment." UNDP in Timor-Leste . Web. 03 Nov. 2010. <http:// www.undp.east-timor.org/undp/focus_areas/energy_environment.html>.
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