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THEO 104 Study Guide: Module 7 I. Christianity is a Global Directive Instructions to Student: Write your answers in this column. The cell will expand as you type. A. Core Christianity (textbook): Chapter 12 1. T/F The author believes that the great commission was Jesus’ command to his disciples and therefore it is faulty to apply it to all believers. F 2. What are the two imperatives in the Great Commission? Evangelism and education. 3. What are motives for Christians to evangelize non-Christians? Go loves them bcuz Gods love is so great To be obedient to the commands of Christ One’s love for the person to whom we are witnessing B. Churches that Multiply (online excerpt): The Greatness of the Great Commission 1. Geographically, to what portions of the world did Jesus command his disciples to take the good news? ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature’ 2. What significant response did the disciples show Jesus when he appeared to them the third time? “they worshipped Him” 3. What was Jesus’ systematic plan to preach the Gospel to the world? He doesn’t want them running to the end of the world, and bypassing anyone on the way. They are to leave Jerusalem and go to Samaria, the next closest group of people. Then they are to reach out into Judea, and finally to the ends of the earth. 4. What was Jesus’ last commandment called? What did it entail? repentance ; Jesus instructs them to preach His death and resurrection as they go into all the world. 5. What are 4 Lessons that the Author suggests for the individual? 1. I can help carry out the Great Commission by individual witnessing and by helping plant a new church. 1. I can share the Gospel with lost people, which is the only message that will give them eternal life. 2. I can witness my faith to lost people, sharing with them my salvation experience. 3. I can be part of a new church plant which would place me at the center of carrying out the Great Commission. Page 1 of 5
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THEO 104 6. What are 4 Lessons that the Author suggests for the church? 1. A church becomes actively involved in carrying out the Great Commission when it plants another church. 2.
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M7_Study_Guide - THEO 104 Study Guide: Module 7 I....

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