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ch12 1. "Six Sigma" quality improvement plans utilize human resource-related initiatives. True False 2. Feedback from a performance appraisal system can serve a developmental purpose for managers. True False 3. In the U.S., the EEOC has issued guidelines for managers to ensure that they are acting consistently with EEO laws. True False 4. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination in hiring, but not in working conditions. True False 5. The activities in which managers engage in order to create a pool of qualified candidates for a position are known collectively as the selection process. True False 6. The process by which managers decide on the relative qualifications of job applicants for a particular job opening is known as the recruitment process. True False 7. Supply forecasting is when an organization estimates the number of workers it will need in order to accomplish its goals. True False 8. An organization estimates the qualifications of current employees along with the qualifications of the available workers in the external job market. This is known as a demand forecast. True False 9. Outsourcing reduces the flexibility of managers. True False 10. Outsourcing of jobs works best for jobs that require problem solving and creativity. True False 11. Job analysis needs to be done for every job in an organization. True False 12. When managers look outside their organizations and attempt to hire new employees who have not previously worked for their organization, this is known as external recruiting. True False 13. Job changes that entail no major changes in responsibility or authority levels are known as lateral moves. True False 14. Background information can be helpful both to screen out applicants who are lacking key qualifications and to determine which qualified applicants are more promising than others. True False 15. The question, "how would you handle an irate customer?" is an example of situational interview question. True False 16. In general, unstructured job interviews work better than structured job interviews in the selection process of organizations. True False
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17. When interviewing prospective job applicants, managers cannot ask questions that are irrelevant to the job in question. True False 18. Job interviewers need to be knowledgeable in the EEO laws so that they do not act in ways that violate these laws. True False 19. Personality tests assess the degree to which job applicants have the necessary skills for successful job performance. True False 20. Honesty tests have been widely accepted as valid for hiring purposes. True False 21. One of the rounds in an interview for a B2B sales executive includes giving a presentation to a panel of judges in any chosen topic. This is an example of a performance test. True False
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ch12 - ch12 1. 2. 3. "Six Sigma" quality...

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