StudyTopics1 - B The Nervous System 1 neurons a structure b...

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PSYCHOLOGY 100 STUDY TOPICS - Midterm I Spring Quarter, 2010 Notes : You are responsible for all of the material that was covered in lecture and in the assigned reading. The list of topics below is not exhaustive. It contains those topics that are most likely to appear. Topics in bold are those most likely to be emphasized on the exam. I. Introduction to Cognitive Psychology A. structure vs. process B. internal representations C. metaphors for cognition 1. computer analogy 2. capacity channels D. History of Cognitive Psychology 1. rationalism and empiricism 2. associationism and behaviorism 3. Gestalt psychology 4. nature versus nurture 5. reasons for the cognitive revolution E. Research Methods in Psychology F. Recurring Themes 1. top-down vs. bottom-up processing 2. automatic vs. controlled processing 3. serial vs. parallel processing 4. attentional limitations II. Cognitive Neuroscience A. Methods 1. 2. spatial versus temporal resolution
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Unformatted text preview: B. The Nervous System 1. neurons a. structure b. function c. synaptic transmission and change 2. brain a. lower brain structures b. major structures and functions c. cerebral hemispheres i. lobes ii. structure & function iii. contralaterality C. Neural Representation of Information 1. representation via single cells 2. representation via patterns of activation 3. synaptic change D . Localization of Function within and across hemispheres 1. localized versus distributed functions 2. disorders of planning, perception/attention, language, & memory 3. callosotomy (split-brain) patients III. Basics of Vision 1. photoreceptors: rods and cones IV. Sensation A. Sensation versus Perception B . Thresholds 1. just-noticeable-difference a. Weber-Fechner law 2. absolute threshold a. signal detection theory 1. sensitivity vs. response bias 2. manipulation of response bias...
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StudyTopics1 - B The Nervous System 1 neurons a structure b...

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