US History Study Guide Final Exam

US History Study Guide Final Exam - The Presidents...

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The President’s Commission on the Status of Women- Appointed by president kenndedy proposed the 1963 eqaul pay act and helped add gender to the forms of discrimination outlawed by the 1964 civil rights act. The Voting Rights Act of 1965- The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution- Johnson asked for the authority to take all necessary measures to repel any armed attack on US forces and prevent any future aggression. Only two senators voted no saying it gave president blank check. Supply Side Economics- Theory that emphasis tax cuts and business incentives to encourage economic growth rather than deficit spending to promote demand. Iran-Contra Affair- Congress forbid any support for the Contras in Central America. And Iranian backed terrorists in Lebanon continued to hold hostages. NSA McFarlane said sell arms to Iran to the moderates in hope some hostages get realeased. Oliver North said use money made by arms to supply the Contras. Was very secretive. Came out and called Irangate. Hearing came to an end because SU was crumbling and Reagan was popular. Signifigance was unelected person with power. (Cheny.) Bay of Pigs- Eager to establish his own cold war credentials, Kennedy approved an attack by a 1,400 member army of Cuban exiles in 1961. Landed in the swampy bay of pigs. Very mismanaged. Castro army round them up in two days. Kennedy took responsibility and suffered bitter humiliation. Cuban Missile Crisis- Oct. 1962. May of 1962 Khrushchev ordered the building of a secretive nuclear site in Cuba. Previsouly Kennedy said this was unacceptable and Khruschchev had no plans of doing it. In Oct. U2 spy planes discovered it and Kennedy was outraged. Kennedy chose a naval blockade instead of destroying the sites. Tensions mounted and Soviets thought US was going to invade Cuba. Soviet general Pliyev thought the US was going to invade but also said no force without his go ahead. Couldn’t be found and Soviet techs shot down U2 plane and killed pilot. Kennedy accepted Khrushchev offer to remove soviet missles in return for not invading Cuba. Also kennedy pledged to pull missles from Turkey. Closest human race came to destroying itself. Sobered the superpowers. Southern Christian Leadership Conference- Thurgood Marshall- Leading attorney for the NAACP. Had a peoples touch unlike Dubois. Succeed in Brown vs Board decision in 1954 because of the Warren court. Economic Opportunity Act (1964)- Most sweeping social welfare bill since the New Deal. Addressed causes of poverty. Jobs Corp- brought poor to learn new job skills. Loans to rural and urban families. Aid to migrant workers. Cost $1 bill for Office of Econ Oppurt. Immigration Reform Act (1965)- Altered American life perhaps more than any other piece of legislation in LBJ’s Great Society. Reform of old quota system opended doors for people from
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all over the world to come to the US to seek economic prosperity and escape turmoil at home. Lations and Asain Americans rose greatly in the 1990’s Between 1990 and 2005 foreign born
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US History Study Guide Final Exam - The Presidents...

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