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Homework 2 - Due Katherine McLean 1 Biology 301 Homework 2...

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Due: Nov 19, 2009 Biology 301 Fall 2009 Katherine McLean Homework # 2 0008 1. What is carpal tunnel syndrome? Mention the nerve/s involved and one surgical treatment for it. (5) Carpal tunnel syndrome results from the compression of the median nerve in the hand or wrist, which causes numbness, pain, tingling, decreased grip strength, and muscle weakness. Open release surgery consists of an incision up to 2 inches in the wrist that cuts the carpal ligament to enlarge the carpal tunnel that relieves pressure. 2. For a few seconds after you ride the express elevator from the 20 th floor to the ground floor, you still feel as if you are descending, even though you have come to a stop. Why?(5) The saccular otolithic membrane is displaced and fluid in the vestibule flows past hair follicles in the inner ear signaling to the brain that the body is descending. The otolithic membrane and fluid moves past hair follicles for a short time period after the elevator stops allowing the macula sacculi to detect the sensation of movement.
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