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8C73BB3BAE7E4BC1B164B915B64DEC01 - Aquatics Chesapeake Bay...

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Aquatics / Chesapeake Bay Review #2 Below is a list of topics that could be on the test. The test will contain, but is not limited to, the information below. Salinity:  What is salinity? How is salinity measured? Where is fresher water found in the bay? (north/south and depth) Where is saltier water found in the bay? (north/south and depth) What happens when fresh and salt water are combined? Why do fresh and salt water form layers? Why do fresh and salt water mix in the Bay? How do fresh water plant cells react when exposed to salt water? How do salt water plant cells react when exposed to fresh water? What is osmosis? How does water travel within a plant? 
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Dissolved Oxygen:  What is dissolved oxygen? What type of oxygen do fish breathe and why? How does temperature affect dissolved oxygen levels?
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8C73BB3BAE7E4BC1B164B915B64DEC01 - Aquatics Chesapeake Bay...

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