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Unformatted text preview: ECOLOGY REVIEW #1 Ecology test #1 will contain the following topics:- time periods (hunter-gatherer, agricultural, industrial)- environmental problems- developed countries vs. developing countries- biotic vs. abiotic- characteristics of life, needs of living things, and life functions- organization of an ecosystem (organism, population, community, ecosystem)- kingdoms of living things- classification and taxonomy I. Place the words/phrases in the correct time period (Letters only). Hunter-Gatherer Agricultural Industrial A. Farming began B. Fossil Fuels C. Lots of air, water, and land pollution D. Technology E. People tamed animals for such things as plowing the fields F. The most deforestation G. New methods of transportation were developed, such as cars H. Bison, mammoths, and other large mammals became extinct from over hunting I. Fires were set to forests and grasslands to scare animals out of hiding J. Wild animals were hunted and berries were gathered from wild plants K. The population rose dramatically (exponential growth) because new medicines were developed and people ate better foods....
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