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Learning Teams Purpose: To provide you with opportunities to 1. get to know your classmates 2. make new friends 3. establish a support network for studying, getting notes, computer problems, etc 4. have fun 5. practice team-work skills Each week there will be learning activities that you will complete within your teams. These may include word-building exercise, textbook activities, cross-word puzzles, practice quizzes, flash- cards and other activities. Bonus Points Your team will have the opportunity to compete with other teams for bonus points. These points will be awarded based on attendance and participation. Here is how it works: Say there are 5 members on your team. Each week, at the end of class, your team will report to me you’re A&P (attendance & participation) level. If all 5 students attended and participated fully then it will be 100%. If only 3 showed up, it will be 60%, and so on. Simply divide the number present by the total number on the team.
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Unformatted text preview: If someone leaves half way through class, count them as half a person. Each week I will record the A&P level of each team. At the end of the quarter I will add the percentages from all weeks and average them. Points will be awarded to each member of winning team as follows: 1 st place team: 12 points each 2 nd place team: 6 points Twelve points for first place may not seem like much, this will be added to your final score for the class and will have a similar effect to raising each of your 3 exams scores 2 full points. This could make the difference between a final grade of a C or a C-. If a member of your team drops the class, their name will be deleted so that their absence will not be counted against the team. If a member leaves class early and does not sign in, your team will not be awarded attendance for that member....
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