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Wenatchee Valley College Summer, 2010 NURS102 – Alteration in Musculoskeletal Function Instructor: Sharon Eagle, RN, MSN Phone: 682-6666 E – Mail: [email protected] Website: Assigned Reading Medical-Surgical Nursing: Patient Centered Collaborative Care  (6 th Publisher: Saunders  Chapter 20, p. 322-354, 357-358 Chapter 38, p. 816-821 Chapter 45, p. 983-988 Chapter 52 (all) Chapter 53, p. 1152-1162, 1164-1166 Chapter 54 p. 1178-1204, 1206-1208 ATI (these chapters are very short) Chapter 98: Immobilizing Interventions: Casts, Splints, and Traction Chapter 99: Joint Replacements Chapter 100: Fractures Chapter 101: Amputation Chapter 102: Osteoporosis Chapter 103: Osteoarthritis Chapter 109: Rheumatoid Arthritis Chapter 110: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Note: There is a small possibility that additional articles may be posted to my web site. Evaluation will be in the form of a 100 point multiple choice exam. Per the Nursing Student Handbook “The student must notify the instructor if he/she will be absent for a quiz or exam. Five percent (5%) of the unit grade will be deducted, per day, for late completion of exams, quizzes or assignments.” The instructor reserves the right to provide an alternate exam form that is different from the one given in class. It may employ alternate assessment strategies (e.g. short-answer essay questions).” Exam Reviews A one-time review may be offered when all students have completed the exam. It is the students’ responsibility to plan his/her schedules in order to attend the review. The instructor reserves the right to immediately terminate the exam review in the event that student behaviors become disrespectful, argumentative or disruptive. Unit Description This unit provides an overview of nursing process and health promotion of the integrated whole person for adults and elders with selected alterations in musculoskeletal, arthritic, and connective tissue disorders. Accommodations for Disability The Disability Support Services Office has been designated by the college as the primary office to guide, coach and assist students with disabilities. The Special Populations Coordinator will require appropriate documentation of your disability. Any information you share will be held in strictest confidence unless you give written permission to do otherwise. The use of that office is voluntary. If you receive services 1
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through that office and require accommodations for this class, you must fulfill the following responsibilities: bring the “Instructor Notification and Request Form” provided by the Special Populations Coordinator to your instructor at the beginning of each quarter make appointments to take your exams at the Testing Center on (or as near as possible to ) the same day and time that the class will be taking the exam notify each instructor with information about your scheduled appointments (day and time) so
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Musculoskeletal Study Guide - Wenatchee Valley College...

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