NURS 101 Clinical Groups 09 - N U RS 101 Clinical Groups...

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Unformatted text preview: N U RS 101 Clinical Groups Fall, 2009 Cashmere Days Gayle Carlson Courtney Bell Megan Brownlee Ed Callahan Traci Deason Amanda Mu rphy Shaney Schoengarth Cheryl Tremlin Hannah Wallace H ighline Days Karla Spanger Stephanie Arizmendi Sandy Ballard Jeannette Bussell Robin Davison Colette Ellestad Tyanna Westbrook Kelsey Rodman Nicholas Skelton H ighline Eves * Linda Visser Bunny Goodrich Paige Helton Charisa Keys Mollie Murauskas BrieAnna Sarver Taylor Miller David Van Weederhuizen Vita Velichko Colonial Vista Days Molly H alley Kim Brown Mandi Brown Amber Davis Sarah Esselstrom Keri Forster Nicole Gonzalez Susanna K ing Heidi Lee Colonial Vista Eves * Sharon Eagle Rose (Kelsey) Duncan Crystal Fore K r ista Gallentine Caroline Goodwill Rebekah Helsel Nick Jackson Rachel Moon Keri Thompson Katie Zagar Sarah Keffeler DesaRee Wancho Chris Baxter Anna Vlasova Jessica Wolford Ron Lockman Brad Wachtel Madeline Tucker Anna Wellborn * Note: All evening groups will still be required to attend some daytime labs. See quarter schedule for dates. 8/ 27/09 DRAFT Changes are unlikely but possible ...
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This note was uploaded on 04/21/2011 for the course NURSING 105 taught by Professor Copeland during the Winter '09 term at Grand Valley State University.

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NURS 101 Clinical Groups 09 - N U RS 101 Clinical Groups...

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