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PathoMap Template PPP - •Vomiting •Diarrhea...

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Causes Nsg Dx References Treatments Risk Factors • Age •Increased BMI •Abdominal Surgery •Inflammatory Disorders •Radiation Therapy •Trauma •Hernia •Intusseseption •Torision •Diverticulosis •Tumor •Paralytic (adynamic) Illeus •WBC •Hemoglobin •Hematocrit •Creatinine •BUN •Electrolyte panel- NA,K •Abdominal X-Ray •CT Scan •O2 Sats •Anti-secretory and intestinal motility agents •IV replacement of fluids and electrolytes •Gastric or intestinal suction •Surgery •Metabolic Alkalosis •Metabolic Acidosis •Hypokalemia •Colicky Pains=constant
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Unformatted text preview: •Vomiting •Diarrhea •Constipation •Nausea •Abdominal Cramping •Hypovolemia •Acute Pain •Risk for infection •Impaired Airway Clearance •Nutrition: Less than body requirements Iggy Medical-surgical nursing Small Bowel Obstruction Simple Mechanical Blockage Functional Failure of motility Gas & fluid Impaired proximal to obstruction Dehydration & electrolyte depletion/imbalance Atony of intestinal wall Distention Circulation problems Decreased lung volume Atelectasis & Pnuemonia Bacteria Peritonitis or Sepsis...
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