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Pharmacology 110 Comprehensive Final Exam Focus information on all drug cards including therapeutic ranges o appropriate lab tests to monitor therapeutic ranges antidotes for specified drugs terms covered in lecture or reading key points of disorders covered at the beginning of each chapter of assigned reading non-pharmacologic interventions for disorders as covered in reading or lecture key characteristics of drug classifications as well as the prototype drugs associated with the class (see your drug cards) appropriate nursing diagnoses & interventions for disorders (included but not limited to the administration of drugs) significant/common side effects of studied drugs general medication administration information such as
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Unformatted text preview: o the reason certain drug forms should not be crushed (and which ones) o rationale for selecting one injection site over another o How to locate injection sites o Injection techniques including air lock and z-track o significant safety considerations o “rights” of medication administration o appropriate needle length & gauge selection for certain patients/drugs • math-related dosage problems including o metric conversions o drug dosage calculation o IV rate calculations (ml/hr, gtt/min , etc.) Use this as a guide, but please, remember that all information covered in lecture or assigned reading this quarter is considered “fair game” for a comprehensive final exam....
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