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Wenatchee Valley College Medical Terminology Review-Practice Exam 3 (Ch 8-11) 1. Which of the following terms is NOT paired with the correct definition? a. Mammo: breast b. Salpingo: sperm c. Oophoro: ovary d. Orchio: testes 2. Which term is NOT paired with the correct definition? a. gynecologist – specialist in the study of female disorders b. hysterotome – cutting into the uterus c. prostatomegally – enlargement of the prostate d. orchiopathy – disease of the testes 3. Jim has recently undergone an orchiectomy due to cancer. He most likely had cancer of the a. lungs b. prostate c. testicles d. colon 4. Mary has been diagnosed with a colpocystocele. The two organs involved in the pathology of this diagnosis are the a. uterus and ovaries b. fallopian tubes and ovaries c. vagina and bladder d. vagina and uterus 5. Harry is suffering from prostatocystitis. Therefore he is most likely experiencing pain in what parts of his body? a. rectum and anus b. prostate gland and bladder c. testes and scrotum d. penis and bladder 6. Sue is having postmenopausal symptoms. Her symptoms are therefore occurring a. prior to menopause b. prior to her monthly menses c. after menopause d. during pregnancy 7. Lavidia is a gravida IV. Therefore she has had ______ previous viable pregnancies. a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 8. Shirley is para IV. Therefore she a. is currently in her 4 th pregnancy b. has had 4 previous viable births c. is in her 1s pregnancy d. has just given birth to her 4 th child 9. Ellen is experiencing menorrhagia. She will most likely a. do nothing as this is a normal process b. celebrate and give all of her tampons away as she no longer has a monthly menses c. call her doctor because of increased vaginal bleeding d. take a pregnancy test 1
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10. Lucy has to undergo a hysterotomy. This means that she will a. be having her uterus removed b. be having a biopsy of her ovaries c. be having a surgical incision into her uterus d. be having a visual examination of her vagina and cervix 11. Mark is suffering from orchiditis. He is most likely having discomfort in his
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Practice Exam 3 - Wenatchee Valley College Medical...

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