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Wenatchee Valley College Nursing Program Review Activity #3 Please complete this on your own without collaborating with your classmates 1. Which of the following antiseizure drugs is NOT matched with the correct classification? A. Dilantin: hydantoins B. Tegretol: sedative/hypnotic C. Valium: benzodiazepines D. Luminal: barbiturates 2. According to your textbook which of the following statements is true regarding management of seizure disorders in children? A. Anticonvulsant medication may lead to increased interest and participation in school and family activities B. Discussing the child’s medication therapy with the school nurse is a violation of her/her HIPPA rights C. Avoid shaking oral liquid medications as the resultant air bubbles can impede accuracy in pouring a correct dose D. Frequent dosage adjustments are common during initiation of treatment 3. Which of the following terms is NOT matched with an accurate definition? A. Tonic phase: intense muscular contractions, loss of consciousness and rigidity B. Clonic phase: bilateral symmetric jerks alternating with relaxation of extremities C. Automatisms: unconscious movements such as lip smacking D. Aura: brief loss of consciousness 4. Sally is a 25-year old diabetic woman who was recently diagnosed with a seizure
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Review Exercise 3 Sp 2010 - Wenatchee Valley College...

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