Review Exercise 4 Sp 2010 - Wenatchee Valley College...

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Wenatchee Valley College Nursing Program Review Exercise #4 1. According to your Davis Drug guide, which of the following data is true? A. Onset of IV furosemide is 10-30 minutes B. Peak of PO Bumex is 30-60 minutes C. Peak of Aldactone is 8-12 hours D. Duration of Diuril is 6-12 hours 2. You have just admitted an 83-year-old patient with CHF. She has 3+ pitting ankle edema, distended neck veins, a RR of 30 and complains of feeling short of breath. Assuming you have orders, which of the following actions must be performed by the RN? (others to be delegated to the nursing aid) A. Order an electrolyte panel STAT B. Question the physician about potassium replacement C. Obtain a set of vital signs including oxygen saturation D. Measure her weight in kilograms E. Explain why the physician has ordered a fluid restriction F. Perform oral care G. Administer a diuretic H. Put her on a low sodium diet I. Auscultate her lungs J. Apply oxygen at 2 L per NC 3. You are caring for a 69-year-old patient who is suffering from an exacerbation of COPD. He has a
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Review Exercise 4 Sp 2010 - Wenatchee Valley College...

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