Review Exercise 5 Sp 2010

Review Exercise 5 Sp 2010 - Wenatchee Valley College...

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Wenatchee Valley College Nursing Program Review Exercise #5 1. You work in an urgent care clinic. Your next patient is an elderly patient with cancer. He is very thin and frail. His pain has suddenly worsened which is why his wife brought him to the clinic today. He is scheduled to be evaluated by the Hospice nurse tomorrow but for now you are trying to get his pain under control. The physician has ordered an injection of Dilaudid 4 mg IM. The vial is labeled 4mg/ml. Which of the following supplies would be most appropriate to draw up and administer this medication to this patient? (Select only one answer) A. 1 inch, 16 gauge needle B. ½ inch,18 gauge needle C. 22 gauge, 1 inch needle D. 1 ½ inch, 21-gauge needle E. 21 gauge, 1 ½ inch filter needle 2. Of all of the sites listed below, which one would be your first choice for administration of the injection into the patient described in #1 above? (Select only one answer) A. Deltoid B. Ventrogluteal C. Dorsogluteal D. Vastus lateralis E. Rectus femoris F. Rectus abdominus 3. When teaching a patient about self-administration of Azmacort with an MDI, the nurse should
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Review Exercise 5 Sp 2010 - Wenatchee Valley College...

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